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Hopewell Center, Inc. will respond to all requests for information on available services and programs.  Programmatic information including entry criteria, participation levels, demographics, satisfaction, procedures, rights, responsibilities, goals, and survey results is available by verbal or written request. 



At Hopewell Center, we work with people to help them become more aware of their potential to awaken their ambition, and fulfill their dreams.

Hopewell Center works throughout Madison County to assist people in overcoming obstacles and developing new opportunities for growth and independence within the community.  Started in the 1950s, Hopewell Center now has an array of facility and community-based programs.

A broad range of programs exists within each service area to allow each individual the opportunity to develop their own unique program that will facilitate personal success.  Today over 100 caring professionals provide person-centered services to over 600 individuals a year.  As we grow into the future, it is Hopewell's vision and direction to move segregated service provision into naturally occurring settings throughout the community to enhance the understanding and acceptance of individual differences.

about hopewell | hopewell services | the answers | what's new | contact us | join us